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Updated: Feb 17, 2022


We have finally made it to the end of another successful school year. With all of the distractions and issues that has been going on in this world our staff & students really persevered this year. Our group of kids whom we have been nurturing since KG1 have currently completed KG2 and on their way to the 1st grade! We made sure to show them how important this accomplishment was with a graduation day.

Also with them moving on to 1st grade we are aiming to be able to fill in the two grades of KG1 and KG2 with a brand new class. We are running a fundraiser that will raise more funds to be able to finance more students and staff. During our graduation event we had honorary guests and board members come by to congratulate the staff and the students which was assuring to everyone. Below is a gallery of all the festivities that took place, graduations ceremony, handing and signing of diplomas as well. Be sure to follow our Instagram for more frequent updates!

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