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This all wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Laketch Debebe, who the organization is named after.  Werkuwa Enate Laketch, which means "our golden mother".  Laketch was born on April 5, 1941 in the small town of Adulala.  She was born into a poor family which made her early beginnings very tough.  When her father passed away at 6,  she was heartbroken and frustrated at life.  Also education was tough for her to obtain because she had to help her family with farming or they couldn't survive.  Out of her frustration her mother took note of this, looking for ways to send her daughter to a better life and education.  So eventually she was sent to the capital of Addis Abeba to be adopted by another family that could offer her a better life and education.  She still dealt with many troubles of mistreatment but was determined and ended up with her final adopted family that would get her into school and a sustainable job.  At her new job she was able to meet her husband and start a family of eighth children.  She often thought about her biological mother and sister that she grew up with in Adulala, but life as a wife to a successful businessman and tending to eight children took up a lot of her life.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


​​Laketch's dream was to educate the underprivileged children of Adulala by providing an education system where they could learn and develop core value, and skills that would help them along their life's journey.  She wanted to build this school for a long time and was waiting for the right time when she could devote her all to it.  Unfortunately Laketch left us before she was able to realize her dream.  Her children and grandchildren whom she instilled the same desires and determination are left to honor that dream, to cherish her memory by carrying her legacy with this organization. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

At "Werkuwa Enate Laketch (Wur-kwa En-a-teh La-keh-tch) Elementary School" (W.E.L. Elementary School) it is our commitment to provide the children of Adulalas, Ethiopia with an opportunity to achieve & experience, not only the highest level of education, but to also equip them with the tools necessary to become productive citizens in today's society. 

     At W.E.L. Elementary School our focus is on teaching children to showcase their best behaviors, the importance of their studies, and to build strong lasting relationships amongst their peers. Our school was created to fulfill one woman’s dream of building an elementary school for children who either do not have a parental figure in their life or simply could not afford to attend school. The opportunities here satisfy both missions and we are proud to complete the legacy of our original founder.



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