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D.C.I. is a  luxury brand based in San Francisco California. They create be-spoke leather accessories from authentic Ethiopian leather. D.C.I. was developed by Caleb Shifferaw, a young entrepreneur inspired by his father, Dosho Shifferaw’s, career in innovation and design which lead to the invention of the revolutionary Bowflex exercise machine. Building on the innovative environment he was raised in, Caleb is carving his own path for trailblazers. Caleb Shifferaw who is an Ethiopian/American reached reached out to us looking for an opportunity to give back to his native country. With every purchase from D.C.I.  5% of every order goes to Web Non-Profit 


 "When building this brand I wanted to give back to the country that has given me so much inspiration. As an American/Ethiopian I felt like it was my duty to do more for Africa."- Caleb Shifferaw Founder/CEO


ADANƎ, Another Ethiopian diaspora owned company that also has started his company to pay homage to his late Father.  Naming the company after him, Adane Legacy ran by his creative children with a goal to help people understand their father through their simple, bold, and clear pieces. Their mission statement says, 

"At ADANƎ, we design elegant, superior, minimalist watches for any occasion. Our mission is to give 10% of our profits to help build a place of hope for the kids of Adulala, Ethiopia. We want to give our customers the opportunity to build a community of doers."

They couldn't have said it best, a community of doers! Be sure to check out their timeless pieces here.


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