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February 2022 Update

As the world still spins, we are still educating and providing for the kids of Adulala and WEL non-profit. The last time we wrote was about graduation, well those kids who have graduated have moved on to the first grade! The best part is we were able to accept new students at the KG1 level. Now we are full with KG1, KG2, and 1st grade students. It's amazing to see how far we've come, it has been a journey that requires a lot of patience but the reward is priceless.

The staff and administration have been very helpful and willing to be apart of this journey, all working towards educating the youth for a better future. We are currently at at least 150 students in our care and continue to grow every year, continued support is greatly appreciated in any way possible. Feel free to follow our Instagram for more engaging wholesome content of these incredible kids!

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